Cory S Powers

Project Manager at Jackson and Associates

Cory S Powers has a strong passion for sports, both playing and watching. He is particularly enthusiastic about football and supports the Georgia Bulldogs team. He also enjoys staying active through exercise, engaging in furniture repair projects, spending quality time with his family, and embracing outdoor adventures.

Currently, Cory holds the position of Project Manager at Jackson and Associates. Serving residential and commercial clients across Florida, Cory takes charge of developing operational strategies, overseeing daily business activities, managing personnel, creating schedules, and maintaining strong customer relationships. Additionally, he utilizes his expertise to support the sales team in meeting targets and ensuring exceptional customer satisfaction.

Cory pursued his education at a local high school in Marietta, Georgia, before attending Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan. With a dedication to continuous learning, he has further expanded his knowledge through various educational courses and is a self-taught craftsman, proficient in building and repairing different items.